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Other services undertaken / offered by us are also summarized below

• Permitting Process for Survey/Landing/Repair of Submarine Cables in Pakistan
• Operational Permit for Vessel, Personnel working on specific projects in Pakistan
• Marine survey
• Inward / Outward Handling of Survey / Cable Laying Vessels
• Temporary Import of equipment and Tools for Survey / Laying operations
• Security Clearance of Crew, Divers and Engineers at all levels.
• Cable laying services with full logistic support (Onshore / Offshore)
• Environment Management service
• Provision of Qualified Divers and Purchaser Reps for Submarine Telecom Cables projects from Pakistan to anywhere
in Asia, Africa and Europe
• Provision of work boats, crew boats and guard boats
• 24/7 support in Pakistan for monitoring of submarine cables in Pak Waters

The strength of professional expertise and infrastructure coupled with latest IT trends affords us the flexibility to mould ourselves
in accordance with any system and requirements, which certainly gives us an edge over others.

We hold an unique distinction of handling the entire AAE 1 submarine cable project in Pakistan carrying out main permit and operational permitting tasks, executing survey and landing and most recently, we have been associated with the survey / landing operation of PEACE submarine cable system and MoD permitting / Survey of Africa1 and SMW6 and survey of 2Africa. In the
process have been associated with following companies

• Fugro
• Subcom
• Maritech
• EGS Hong Kong
• Faromar
• Emarine

We are also exclusive members of WWSA (World Wide Ship Agencies Association) and BIMCO in Pakistan also, we have established SinMak International (Pvt) Ltd as SPV to exclusively cater to the tasks related with Submarine Cable projects, we have a professional to team to carry out following specialized tasks

• Carrying out DTS
• Setting up of BMH, Duct Route, CLS, Cable pulling
• Environment Management