Hub Agency

Shipping principals today demand more than just the basic agency services provided by shipping agents. They now want a whole host of tasks performed, including financial management of funds, port operation supervision, constant updates of current port information, crew movement supervision, voyage management functions, bunker supply management, total logistics solutions, and most importantly - interfacing and electronic transfer of accounting, financial and operational data.

Launched in May 2003, our Hub team has quickly established itself and now acts on behalf of a number of major clients, including BP, Shell, Caltex, PSO, Total and various palm oil traders as principal Hub Agent. As Universal Shipping moves beyond traditional agency services to provide more value-added offerings, our strategy is to:

• Embrace the Hub Agency concept with a modern, dedicated and forward-thinking management team

• Provide a service specifically suited to each client's individual requirements

• Continue to invest in the state of art "TCL" IT system which has been specifically modified for a Hub Agency environment

• Be proactive and continually adapting to changes in the shipping industry

• Uphold with stringent codes of conduct and business ethics