Welcome to Universal Shipping

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the leading and most versatile Shipping Agency, with humble beginnings in 1988 - today we are one of the leading and most versatile Shipping Enterprise in this part of the world employing over 250 employees.

Our Activities includes:

• Ship Agents at All Ports of Pakistan.
• Liner Representation.
• Offshore / Onshore support services for Telecom and Oil & Gas Sectors.
• Freight Forwarders.
• NVOCC Operation.
• Chartering of Dry Bulk and Project Cargo.
• Container Depot Operation.
• Customs Clearance, Warehousing and Distribution services.

Our Values

Our company policies, messaging, identity, and decision-making process are all steered by the values, acting as our guiding compass.


We conduct business the "right way" keeping our customers` and colleagues` interests at the center of everything we do. We are transparent with our stakeholders and support the communities in which we operate.


We provide efficiency and certainty in a variable world. Our scale and operational experience allow our customers to count on our promise to supply high-quality containers wherever and whenever they`re needed. We strive to exceed the highest expectations.


We structure transactions with customers by finding that "win-win" sweet spot that works best for them and us. We foster entrepreneurship, and we respect it in our customers. Our approach enables us to be responsive, decisive, and pivot quickly in an ever-changing world.


Our talented network of professionals represents the mark by which industry excellence is measured. Their experience, professionalism, and drive provide unmatched communication, service, and perspective to our worldwide customers.


Our success is built on the collaboration of our globally diverse team. We believe every relationship is an opportunity to work together to achieve common business goals.

Long-term view

We strive for success over the long term. We take a disciplined approach to running our business and invest in our people, our equipment, and our customer relationships to create a things that is built to last.